Saturday, March 13, 2010

Unit 3

Hello Class,

1. Based on your reflections, and on a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being optimal wellbeing), where do you rate your A-physical wellbeing, B-spiritual well-being, C-psychological well-being? Why?

I would rate my physical well-being as an 8, I work out every day, and I eat a vegetarian diet, which makes me feel great physically. I say 8 because even though I feel as though I am continually improving with age I still have more to learn. I would say spiritually I am about a 7, I try to take time away to reflect but unfortunately sometime life gets the upper hand, but I am still pretty well balanced. I would also rate myself a 7 psychologically, I have a full schedule.

2. Develop a goal for yourself in each area (physical, spiritual, psychological).

I will try to spend more time with myself, focusing inward and letting go of outside stressors. I will also try to step up my came in the gym, improve on my physical.

3. What activities or exercise can you implement in your life to assist in moving toward each goal?

I will try to give myself 15 minutes of quiet time first thing in the morning and then 15 more minutes right before day so that I can reflex on my day and the day I would like to have tomorrow.

4. Complete the relaxation exercise The Crime of the Century. To hear this exercise, click here. Describe your experience. (What it beneficial? Frustrating? etc.)
The relaxation exercise was very relaxing at times, unfortunately I was not alone while I was doing it, I have a dog and he decided to bark several times throughout the exercise which threw me off a little but I believe that it could be helpful if I was alone and totally focused.


  1. Heyyyy there!!! Great post this week! I really like the pink colors, very cute. As well, I love the picture! I think it's so neat that we actually get to see what some of our classmates look like through this blogging! I posted a pic on my blog this week too!

    You did a wonderful job thoroughly explaining each and every question for this week. It is great to hear how high you rate yourself in each category of optimal wellness. Keep up the good overall attitude!

    In order to step your game up in the gym, can you construct a new, more specific goal? For instance, you can address what frequency, intensity, time, and type of exercise you want to!

    I hope you have a lovely night!

  2. Hey there. Man...props to you for working out everyday! Your profile pic fits you well then! :) I wish I could fit in a workout session every day. I will just give up sleep. ;) Anyways, I love that you made it a goal to give yourself 15 minutes twice a day to yourself. That is SUCH a great idea. Just lets you start your day fresh and focused, and then you get to reflect and relax at the end of the day. I hope this is beneficial to you. I can see everyone benefiting from doing this technique as well. Keep up the hard work!